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I am updating my commission list. AceMun, you’re paid for, so you’ve freed up a space! TankMun, you paid for only one (you should have waited to pay, dammit XD) so the other is in progress for the time being! AlMun, yours is still in sketch status, but I will try to finish it sometime this weekend!

1. AgentZingari — Full-body, colour [Sketch in progress]
2. JediMasterTank — Two Full-bodies, lineart only [One Paid, One In-Progress]
3. [Free Space]
4. [Free Space]
5. [Free Space]
6. [Free Space]
7. [Free Space]

If anyone is interested in a commission from me, just take a look at my prices and send me a note so we can get the process started! 8D

This is what she did for me.  And what she can totally do for you.


It’s awesome, for the record. ^_^

A little artist promotion. 


Commissions are officially OPEN!

[Insert cheesy inspirational music here!]

Ahem. I will have seven slots available, although two slots have already been reserved, as listed below. Five slots are currently open. It will be a first come, first serve basis. So, if you’re interested, make sure you’re not on anon! I will provide my email address in return and then we can discuss further details, as well as payment plan.

1. AgentZingari
2. JediMasterTank
3. [Free]
4. [Free]
5. [Free]
6. [Free]
7. [Free]

I do have limits with my skills and preferences, and mostly, I won’t do erotic or porn. Tasteful nudes are another story, however. Extensive machinery and robotics are a little tricky, so I’m sketchy (ha, no pun intended) about those, but it can be worked around. :)

So, good luck, and here’s to hoping to seeing some of you on my list! :D

We do like to showcase up and coming artists, so do give her work a look and consider commissioning her.  Help out a Marine.

May the Force be with you.

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